I offer beginner yoga classes upon request for individuals and small groups.

Classes include pranayama (yogic breathing techniques), asana (steady physical postures) presented as a mix of Hatha and Vinaysa flow styles, with verbal cues for alignment informed by Iyengar practice style. We will finish the session with yoga nidra (psychic sleep meditation), which is a guided full body relaxation process.

Thank you for trusting in yourself to take a moment to love your body through cleansing, activation and relaxation practices.

I finished my official yoga teacher’s training in 2015 at World Peace Yoga School in Rishikesh, India. I have been practicing the yogic disciplines since 2012. I have spent about four and a half years in the powerful land of India, living in ashrams for long stretches of time and traveling, learning with many teachers along the way. I began my experience with yoga and meditation at the age of 14, having always been deeply drawn to and connected to the esoteric disciplines of various cultures. Thank you for your trust in me as your guide towards self-mastery.