Sacred Space

I believe it is very important to pour your heart’s intentions into everything you do. Especially when we set up for ceremony , we clarify our intentions and we focus our minds , we organize and arrange with care our physical surroundings as a representation of the clarity and order we create inside.

Our bodies are spiritual apparatuses, machines which have been manifested from the complexity of Life which expresses itself exponentially, expansively. As most spirits cannot completely manipulate the physical world without us , so we cannot work the energetic realms without our allies. We are always connected. It is not possible to be disconnected. But like all relations , we must nourish our connections and spiritual alliances.

Calling upon our ancestors and guides, with deep reverence and total humility, to be with us at all moments, to support us on our healing process, and to guide us to cultivate the qualities we desire in ourselves. May the healing we experience in sacred circle be the healing of all our relatives and our Earth. May the compassionate love and forgiveness and acceptance we cultivate together be shared with all whose paths we cross.

Co-creating and holding sacred space is a huge honor for me. I feel extremely blessed to have dropped the baggage which was holding me back from heeding the call of service. I am humbled by the opportunity to guide and share in the healing energy of ceremony and ritual with my brothers and sisters. I am deeply grateful for your trust and inspired by the willingness of surrender of each person who participates in ceremony.

May we all cultivate the qualities of forgiveness, understanding, compassion, and unconditional love inside of us. May these qualities be shared with all whose paths we cross.

May we live by example, share our merits, and help to illuminate the way for others. May we live in alignment and harmony with our true nature, with respect for the gift of our lives.

As within, so without

As above, so below

As the universe, so the soul