Ritual Tattoo

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What does it mean: Ritual Tattoo ?

Getting back to the root of it, the ceremonial process of marking… marking the body, the timeline, the cosmic human suit, decorating the flesh through painful process as a rite of passage, an initiation, a surrendering to the humanness of embodiment as a gift of divine presence…

The word ritual can relate to or even be interchanged with words such as ceremony, sacrament, rite, worship, observance, celebration… These semantic ribbons we like to tie around ideas or actions are the heritage of our evolution of human consciousness, we are attached sometimes to the beauty of our own intellect.

So, tattoo is a marking, a permanent alteration of the physical being by inserting plant dyes into the skin, which are thusly suspended there. A permanent alteration… activated through pain. The laying down of a layer of symbols, images, patterns, through the process of which we feel the body in a very particular way… through a sustained period of continuous pain, of various nature depending on the method used (machine or handpoke) and the placement on the body, as well as the mental/emotional state of the recipient.

This state of pain is a gift to oneself, a sacrifice. To sacrifice is to make sacred. A process of rendering oneself, one’s body, one’s process and pain sacred through surrendering to this deep knowing of our interconnectedness with our physical reality and our ability to move beyond it… it’s our human suit, after all?

Imbuing this process with attention (energy) and intention (transformation), we are able to reap tremendous benefits from this state of physical pain, after which we also walk away from with a symbol or image that stays with us, moves with us, grows, stretches, and transforms with us; that becomes us.

Honoring the intuition in each one of us, our natural ability to connect to the ancient collective consciousness that spans far beyond our humble understanding, we are able to create and channel symbols filled with inherent meaning, that only our subconscious and energetic body can fully integrate… These designs are related to our primordial truth of light of consciousness manifested to ex/insperience itself through intricacy and physicality. Aligning our awareness with our personal prayers allows us to tap into this truth and bring ourselves to a place of resonance with our eternal source and I AM consciousness.

Furthermore, when we allow ourselves to enter into a trancelike state of sustained pain, we are able to move through layers of our being and utilize the physical pain, as well as the ceremonial space, with the help of energetic guides we call upon to guard and sustain it, as a method of liberating traumas and memories (personal, ancestral, collective, and possibly planetary) to aid in our process of ascension.

Life is the ceremony, and you are the medicine. Ritual tattoo is a practice of reigniting our ancestral knowledge in our process self expression and self love. Combining intuitive, shamanic, and galactic methods of energetic transmutation, we can gratefully benefit from the painful state induced by tattooing to heal ourselves.

So, put simply:

Tattoo made in prayer 🙏

as within, so without

as above, so below

as the universe, so the soul