Kambô Divino

It is with deep gratitude for the Amazonian tribespeople, who are the guardians of the jungle and the knowledge, traditions, and medicine therein, that we give thanks for the huge opportunity to meet the spirit of Kambô, who is working its way to all corners of the earth.

Kambô refers to the Giant Waxy Tree Frog from the Amazon, and her “magic” secretion. Her Latin name, Phyllomedusa bicolor, means two-colored leaf guardian, as she sits high up in the trees in the jungle, where she even uses her secretion to glue together pieces of leaves, to make cone-shaped nests for her eggs, which fall into the lakes and ponds below.

Always found in trees near the water sources, the thirteen tribes which hold their tradition of healing with the Kambô secretion search for the frogs in the night, imitating their mating call. When they descend from the treetops, the tribespeople carry them back to their camp on a branch, to “milk” them the next day.

The frogs are not hurt in the process, if only a bit irritated. Traditionally, the indigenous people have such a profound reverence and respect for the nature of which they are a part, the plants and animals with whom they share the land and who nourish, heal, and guide them. The Kambô frog’s secretion has been used for centuries, originally by over 50 known tribes all across the Amazon, and because the frog carries such a powerful and sacred, practical medicine, they are handled with care, milked once for the first secretion, and then released unharmed.

The Phyllomedusa bicolor frog is very calm when interacting with humans, as they have no known predators in the jungle. Their secretion is neither a venom nor a poison, as it is not released only in times of stress, but for many practical purposes as well (such as building their nests).

With the recent happenings with Kambô worldwide, the secretion was tested and absolutely no known toxins were found therein. Thusly, we cannot say that it is either a venom, or a poison; but a powerful cocktail of bioactive ingredients which set off a series of reactions in the body.

The human body seems to have a sort of synergy with the Kambô secretion, in which we find eight families of peptides, which are like proteins but with smaller chains of amino acids. These peptides are easily recognizable by our bodies, and many of them even fit like keys in the keyhole receptors of our cells, which unlock a powerful process of cleansing. Because our cells open to these peptides, it actually allows foreign substances which have previously been trapped inside the cellular membrane to evacuate.

There is a certain magic around this mysterious frog and its healing capacity. The tribesmen traditionally used Kambô for its “hunting magic,” allowing them to go for longer periods without food, hiking long distances, seeing in the night, remaining focused, and general increase in stamina.

It is a mainstay in the tribal medicine cabinet, used for general sickness, as well as for energetic clearing of “panama,” a dark cloud surrounding a person, causing bad luck, laziness, sickness, or depression.

The tribeswomen also used the Kambô secretion for health and issues around fertility and pregnancy, but this information is not shared with outsiders.

In these changing times and with the extent of globalisation, it only follows course that these ancient practices and ancestral wisdom of healing with the plants and animals makes it way out of the jungle.

Luckily so, considering if all the people who wanted to and fell called to work with this substance went to the jungle themselves, the jungle would be trampled beneath our feet.

The divine intelligence of the Earth is surging up from the heart of the wild places, reaching out to offer us individual and collective healing practices, which cleanse, realign, and fortify all our bodies, physical, emotional, and energetic.