Aldeia Yawarani is a Yawanawa village in the Indigenous Territoru of Rio Grigorio in the state of Acre, Brasil. It boasts the name of the great Yawarani, one of two brothers who were responsible for keeping alive the ancient traditions of the Yawanawa people through their near extinction during thirty years of the missionary period.

The Yawanawa are guardians of the ancient knowledge of the jungle and its medicines. Their music can carry you to other worlds, bringing light into your being, and their sacred medicine, Uni or widely known as ayahuasca, is a great healer and teacher.

In a revival of their people and culture, they have now reached about a thousand in number from a small group of under 70 survivors after the terror of the rubber boom and exploitation, genocide, enslavement of the jungle and its indigenous populations.

Yawarani was the brother of two of the founders of Aldeia Yawarani, Fatima and Kasiki Rock.